30% of all A2P SMS traffic in India goes through Infobip

Infobip, the global cloud communications provider, says that is has been delivering four million A2P (application to person) SMS messages in India since the beginning of 2017.

Additionally, it says that 30% of all A2P traffic in the region is also delivered over its network and it handles A2P SMS traffic from all mobile operators and provides services for the rapidly growing number of enterprises.

The cloud provider says that it has seen a surge in demand for A2P SMS driven by its adoption by businesses in the finance and retail sectors.

“Banking in India has been transformed by the mobile payments revolution, with consumers and business able to make and confirm transactions easily and securely via SMS,” said Harsha Solanki, managing director for India, at Infobip.

Speaking exclusively to Capacity, Solanki, said that the sudden uptake of this technology was largely driven by the demonetization of the region that took place in 2016. For those unaware, on the 8 November 2016 the Government of India announced that it was divesting the value of all 500 rupee-note and 1,000 rupee-note banknotes in the country as an attempt to crackdown on the use of counterfeit money.

As a result Solanki says that people were forced to “adopt a new way to transact and that is through mobile wallets”.  With that she says that and the sign up of the new accounts for the mobile wallet “system transactions had to send out notifications for each, to say their transaction was complete, or this is your card balance etc. and this is where Infobip comes in.”

Infobip’s A2P SMS Business-as-a-Service solution has already been adopted by three major Indian operators, which includes Aircel. Infobip started working with the operator in 2015 and is now sending millions of transmission for the company on a monthly basis.

“Infobip is also witnessing a boom in demand for A2P SMS in the retail sector, accounting for large volumes of e-commerce transactions. The technology has been embraced by major brands such as Amazon and eBay. All of this activity accounts for the significant increase in A2P SMS traffic that Infobip has experienced over the last year,” she added.

The company anticipates even greater demand for its services with the introduction of its OMNI communications platform which launched in February 2017. Through it, customers receive a consistent messaging experience across multiple platforms like SMS, email and chat apps because OMNI offers a single, cloud-based platform.

“The demand for A2P SMS traffic is showing no signs of slowing down, combined with interest in OMNI messaging support, India will continue to be a growth market for Infobip,” said Silvio Kutic, Infobip founder and CEO. “With Infobip’s presence expanding across India, it is exciting to see the different use cases and services we provide to local enterprises and operators, helping to drive their businesses.”

Most recently Infobip was recognised as a Tier-one SMS Firewall vendor of 2017 in a performance report from telecom research company ROCCO. Infobip's sGate Firewall is the product that won them this accolade and of the 172 mobile network operators that were reviewed between August to October 2017, Infobip was one of only four companies to achieve Tier-one status.

“We feel incredibly humbled and proud to receive the recognition by mobile operators for our SMS Firewall product. It truly shows that Infobip is a market leader where sGate Firewall sophisticated algorithm techniques enable SMS messaging insight and monetization capabilities. We couldn’t be in a better place moving forward delivering network monitoring solutions to an even broader market,” said Izabel Jelenic, CTO at Infobip

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