DIDWW adds cloud-based services for enterprise networks

DIDWW adds cloud-based services for enterprise networks

Number specialist DIDWW has added cloud-based telecom services to its offer in a move to boost the performance of enterprise networks, providing them agility, flexibility and speed.

The company, which provides direct inward dialling numbers, says its private global network is designed to support billions of minutes per day and its web-based management portal allows customers to purchase, configure and efficiently maintain the communication services in the cloud.

“We invite service providers and enterprise customers to register and test compatibility with their own VoIP environment and submit their feedback and ideas, thus helping to achieve full compatibly goal,” said Edwin Terek, DIDWW’s founder and VP business developer, speaking at Capacity Europe this week.

Companies such as Google, IDT and Telefónica are among DIDWW’s list of global clients, said the company.

It has designed a new API that includes functionality and flexibility to allow customers to build their own custom and scalable VoIP-enabled cloud services. New features have been added such as trunk group management. Additional functionality will be available in the near future, including full capacity management, porting and address registration, SMS routing and advanced service configuration options.

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