Atman network peaks at 470 Gbps of traffic

Atman network peaks at 470 Gbps of traffic

Atman, the Polish telecommunications operator, says that the total traffic on its network has peaked at 470 Gbps.

According to their figures in comparison to 2016 the company recorded total traffic increased of almost 100 Gbps with 470 Gbps being its highest and almost 400 Gbps in open peering.

Commenting on the news, Sebastian Olejnik, implementation team manager at Atman, said: “IXs have traditionally focused on network owners as their members, however Atman, as well as other IX operators, sees great opportunities in the rise of content providers observed over the last decade. Companies like Google, Akamai, Facebook and other top social media platforms distribute larger and larger volumes of IP traffic around the world, and need IXs to help them to do that effectively, which of course is a win-win situation.” 

The news marks a considerable period of growth for Atman which also owns Thinx IX (Thinx Internet eXchange) which located in the largest carrier neutral data centre campus in Poland.

Thinx IX celebrated its own achievements reporting that it has reached 200 Gbps in open peering with Akamai, Google and Facebook caches with plans to double that traffic in 2018.

Thinx IX, offers access to other exchange points in Europe including: DE-CIX, DTEL-IX, Giganet, MSK-IX, NIX.CZ, and VIX, and according to Atman, is now one of the top 3 Polish exchange points.

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