Zayo announces three routes out of Marseille

Zayo announces three routes out of Marseille

Zayo has announced three new diverse network routes that will run out of Marseille, offering businesses and carriers with connectivity solutions for businesses and carriers throughout Western Europe and North America.

The first route, a low-latency route via Lyon that is fully operational and was announced last year, is available for both dark fibre and 100G wavelengths. The second dark fibre route traverses western France via Bordeaux. 

The third route connects to Strasbourg via Milan and onto Paris, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and other European markets. Zayo is deploying a coherent 100G wavelength system over the existing fibre, which is expected to be fully completed by the end of the year.

“With the expanded capability, we are well-positioned to meet the needs of our global customers,” said Andrew Crouch, president and COO at Zayo. “Zayo can connect customers from Marseille to Milan, Frankfurt, London, Dublin, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles and back around the world.”

Zayo has already secured customer contracts from a global carrier, an internet services provider and a French telecom operator for the routes. The routes leverage assets Zayo acquired from Viatel in 2015.

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