C3ntro telecom launches fibre network ring in Mexico City

C3ntro telecom launches fibre network ring in Mexico City

C3ntro, has launched a fibre network ring in Mexico City to support its existing cloud and connectivity data services

The news comes as the company says it is hoping to become the premier partner of all fibre, high performance networking solutions delivered over its own fibre network to all of its Enterprise customers and operators. Also C3NTRO’s investment and expansion in the region underscores its commitment to bringing all fiber solutions to the area.

Simon Masri, C3NTRO founder & president, said: “We are looking towards aggressively pursuing the market demands and are excited with what this new project can become” 

The project started at the beginning of 2017 and in early September it had completed its first 200 kilometres. The company also confirmed that it is working towards opening its new state-of-the-art facilities which will support its new network of fibre in Mexico as well as all major data centres in Mexico.

C3ntro says that in adding fibre along with its cloud and connectivity services with direct access to all major cloud providers around the globe like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and SAP, it will now aim to offer a complete communication service or as its mission statement says: “Communications Made Simple”.

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