Q&A with Giuseppe Sini, head of Retelit international business unit

Q&A with Giuseppe Sini, head of Retelit international business unit

We will grow our global footprint with "the Italian difference" says Giuseppe Sini, head of Retelit International Business Unit

What have been Retelit’s key developments and stand outs in Europe over the past year?

2017 has been key for Retelit's International development. The commercial service of AAE-1 in June and the launch of the Bari-Europe backhaul product jointly with BICS, has been a key in the European market. Carriers in Europe now have the opportunity to connect their networks from any main data centre in Europe seamlessly at  speeds of 10 to 100 Gbps to the Middle East and the Far East with the lowest latency.

How has wholesale demand in the region evolved in recent years and how is Retelit aiming to meet those demands this year?

Retelit has always fulfilled the regional demand in Italy thanks to its infrastructure in the country and MEF Ethernet services becoming the preferred provider for international carriers. The Bari-Europe backhaul product and Eurasia connectivity will be the newest features to target the regional demand of such services.

What are your strategic priorities for Europe in 2017 and what announcements can we expect from Retelit in the region this year?

As mentioned the Bari-Europe 100 Gbps connectivity is the core of Retelit priorities in the region for 2017. Retelit will soon announce new routes of the 100 Gbps Network that will enable multiple options for carriers to connect Europe to Mediterranean all with a unique resiliency.

What are the key challenges in the region and how is Retelit preparing to tackle them?

Price pressure, competition for OTTs and the hype surrounding 5G . But Retelit is positioned as a reliable, flexible and competitive partner.

What do you hope to achieve out of your attendance at the Capacity Europe event?

We hope to consolidate Retelit's positioning in the Intentional Wholesale arena, develop new business partnerships and learn what's new in the wholesale community.

How has the launch of the AAE-1 subsea cable impacted Retelit’s service offerings?

The launch of AAE-1 subsea cable system enabled Retelit to enrich dramatically its product and service portfolio and naturally its global reach. From a regional infrastructure service provider focused on Ethernet MEF B-end services, we are moving to a multi-regional carrier positioned on 100 Gbps based services.

How is Retelit growing its footprint outside its domestic market?

At the end of the year Retelit will open a new multi-service POP in Marseille and during 2018 new POPs in Middle East (UAE) and Far East (Singapore and Hong Kong) will be opened. According to the business and the service portfolio Retelit is organically expanding its footprint year by year without losing its flexibility and quality of services that have always been the Retelit pillar of strength. The Italian difference.

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