France-IX's Marketplace helps it expand its eco-system

France-IX's Marketplace helps it expand its eco-system

France-IX gives Capacity an exclusive update on the state of its disruptive Marketplace programme.

One year after its launch, France-IX’s Marketplace offering has enabled it to expand its eco-system by offering its peering members the ability to purchase the complementary IP related services in addition to peering services.

There are seven services that can be chosen which include: IP transit, anti-DDoS solutions, cloud direct access, paid peering, Ethernet transport, network visibility and analytics solution and remote peering.

Speaking on the offering, Franck Simon, president at France-IX, said: “The innovation of our France-IX Marketplace is the diversity of services it offers along with the competitive advantage delivered for Internet professionals and infrastructure buyers. Agility, flexibility and cost savings are key to business success, and the France-IX Marketplace helps both our peering members to get the most from their connection and also our Marketplace sellers to get access to the largest IP community in France, in one place.”

Through the solution, members are able to purchase services directly from Marketplace sellers like: Hurricane Electric, Kentik, Orange (AS3215 and AS5511), Telecom Italia Sparkle, Zayo and the most recently Expereo.

Once purchased the activation of the private connection can be done in a matter of hours. Members also save money because of the optimisation created through service they purpose and its ease of use. In addition, members already have a port in place so there is no need for them to use additional resources or order a new cross-connect.

Overall Marektplace has enabled France-IX the opportunity to offer its members more than just IXPs 9internet exchange point) offerings but enabling its customers the ability to buy the services they need from its partners.

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