Sparkle and GO upgrade Italy-Malta cable to 100G

Sparkle and GO upgrade Italy-Malta cable to 100G

Sparkle has partnered with Malta service provider GO to introduce 100G transmission technology to the Italy-Malta bilateral cable.

Malta has seen growing demand for hosting and online gaming services, driving a strong increase in the IP and data business between GO and Sparkle, the international services arm of TIM group.

Sparkle claimed the upgrade would help to enhance the performance of GO’s Ip proposition through sophisticated and reliable connectivity solutions, whilst reinforcing the partnership between the two companies.

This relationship will continue to develop, Sparkle said, as demand for IP connectivity continues to grow across the Mediterranean.

The upgrade project is part of a wider investment in Malta’s communications infrastructure. GO recently announced €100 million worth of investment in infrastructure on the island, in order to prepare the country for future demand.

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