Open Fiber rolls out €15 million FTTH in Sassari

Open Fiber rolls out €15 million FTTH in Sassari

Open Fiber has signed an agreement with the Municipality of Sassari, Sardinia, to build out a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network.

The deal worth €15 million, will provide residents and businesses on the network speeds of up to 1Gbps and construction is due to commence in November 2017. Within its 18-month time frame, the company says it will connect 44,000 properties (residential and commercial) amounting to a total of 26,000 kilometres of fibre.  

Commenting on the news, Roberto Tognaccini, head of the network operations at Open Fiber, said: "The agreement with the Municipality of Sassari allows us to use existing infrastructures for 60% of the cabling, limiting the need for new excavations, which will have a very small impact and will lead to induction on the territory. Fiber Optics at Home (FTTH) is an epoch-making breakthrough in today's technologies, and will enable reliable and ultra-fast data transfer to citizens and businesses, thus gaining great competitive advantage."

In line with the necessary legislative requirements as spelled out by the Municipality of Sassari, Open Fiber will use as much existing infrastructure as possible to deploy this new fibre in an attempt to limit the impact of these works on the local community. It also says that works will be carried out using the most environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. 

The Mayor of Sassari, Nicola Sanna, said: "The Municipality of Sassari is very pleased with the national strategic plan, which to date includes 60 Italian cities and which, in addition to metropolitan cities, also addresses provincial capitals with a population of more than 100,000 people. With greater communication efficiency, our city starts to become smarter. "

"There will be a great advantage for businesses, but it will also create greater competition that will also benefit private individuals. The VoIP project which targets urban schools is operating on ADSL will now be switched to the new technology, which will benefit from the increased speeds and other economic benefits," added Amalia Cherchi, assessor of information services

In September of 2017, Open Fiber signed an agreement with Wind Tre that will see the recently-merged mobile operator offer fibre-to-the-home to 60% of the Italian population using its wholesale fibre network. 

Under the new agreement, Wind Tre, will be able to offer FTTH to a further 10 million homes across 258 Italian cities.

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