Huawei CEO announces new carrier-focussed business strategy

Huawei CEO announces new carrier-focussed business strategy

Eric Xu, Huawei's rotating CEO, has announced a range of new initiatives including the company’s new carrier-focussed strategy.

Announced during the Ultra-Broadband Forum, Xu said that as companies look for cloud services in larger numbers, leased line services for B2B segments sectors will become a new growth sector for telecoms carriers. 

Speaking at the event, Xu said: "Huawei is committed to working with carriers to build compelling leased line services for the B2B segment, to navigate the challenges and to seize the opportunities from increasing adoption of cloud services." 

According to survey carried out by Huawei government and enterprise customers have three major requirements for leased line services: the first is on-demand, flexible services at competitive prices, the second is rapid, easy service provisioning with bandwidth on demand and the third is SLAs that can be visualized, checked and assured. 

In order to meet these needs, Xu says that carriers need to re-position its fixed line business by improving these key areas, which are: business strategy development, product portfolio management, customer experience management, and network planning and build-out. 

The five initiatives Huawei are rolling out to support carriers in their efforts are firstly to provide a cloud-based leased line solution that lets carriers meet the demand for cloud services. The second is to help carriers tap into their strengths in cloud-network synergy and provide them with integrated solutions that combine leased line connectivity with cloud services offered by carriers themselves, either jointly with partners or via resale from third-party cloud service providers. 

"The next is to help carriers enhance their competitive edge by cloudifying their networks to provide agile, on-demand leased line services that meet the evolving needs of different enterprises and customers. The fourth initiative is to work with carriers to expand their B2B connectivity services to the enterprise campus, so they can provide LAN, Wi-Fi, and managed services. And lastly Huawei’s last initiative is to help carriers deliver a compelling experience throughout the customer journey of its leased line business all the way from product discovery to purchase and use.

Xu ended in saying that "cloud services present both opportunities and challenges to carriers' leased line business. One of the most prominent challenges comes from cloud service providers, they are eyeing the B2B market, too. Together with our carrier customers, we will leverage our leading technology and solutions to build agile leased line services with a compelling customer experience. Together, we will face new challenges and latch on to new opportunities."

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