BT's EE suffers UK network outage

BT's EE suffers UK network outage

BT-owned mobile operator EE has apologised for a call connection problems affecting its customer base throughout the UK.

Customers of EE and Virgin Mobile, which operates on EE’s network, were unable to make calls mainly to non-EE phone numbers for most of 10 October. Around 3,000 people across the UK reported failed call attempts on the website Down Detector.

According to CEO Marc Allera the problem stemmed from an error on the EE interconnect platform, which is responsible for moving calls around the network.

Apologising in a tweet, Allera said: “I know that this has made the day very difficult for some of our customers, and for that I’d like to sincerely apologise.”

Data usage, text messaging and emergency calls were unaffected according to an EE spokesperson, but the primary calling service to off-net numbers was not working.

In a statement the UK’s largest network said: “We can now confirm that our engineering team has fixed the call issue that began yesterday at around 10.30am.

“We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you today. Data, messaging and emergency calls were unaffected.”

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