Telefónica calls for cross-industry collaboration on cyber security

Telefónica calls for cross-industry collaboration on cyber security

Telefónica has challenged the the telecoms industry to work together to tackle the growing number of cyber security threats.

More than six billion cyber-attacks were recorded on client networks according to a recent report from NTT Communications, with DDoS attacks up 172% year on year, highlighting the need for greater security efforts across the sector.

According to ElevenPaths, the cybersecurity unit of Spanish operator Telefónica, the industry needs to come together and collaborate in order to keep the internet free and open.

Speaking at Telefonica’s fifth Security Innovation Day event in Madrid, ElevenPAths CEO Pedro Pablo Pérez set out his vision for cyber-security, based on the premise that “that “this world requires a holistic vision to cover the complete cycle of prevention, detection and response as well as making both large companies and individual users more secure”.

ElevenPaths revealed that its SealSign platform – a comprehensive enterprise platform offering electronic and biometric signatures – could now integrate with Microsoft’s Azure Key Vault.

Pérez added: “Telefónica continues with the process of its digital transformation by firmly backing the end-to-end encryption, investing in infrastructure, opening new cybersecurity operation centres and building new partnerships. We are also investing in people to keep growing in skills and supporting our goal of reaching double-digit growth at ElevenPaths”.

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