Daisy Group adopts Microsoft Azure to transform business

Daisy Group adopts Microsoft Azure to transform business

Managed services provider Daisy Group has selected the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to fuel its modernisation programme to reshape both the business and the services it offers to customers.

Daisy Group, which today provides hosting managed services for more than 1,000 corporate customers, will now offer a next-generation hybrid hosting platform, combining Azure with its own private cloud, enabling its customers to move away from legacy on-premise systems to become cloud-enabled businesses.

“This is a win-win for Microsoft, Daisy and our customers. Unlocking the true power of digital is key for all businesses. Microsoft’s Azure offering is the perfect platform upon which progressive businesses can develop, innovate and expand,” said Daisy Group CEO Neil Muller (pictured above).

“I am delighted that we have been able to grow and intensify our hugely strategic and exciting partnership with Microsoft in this way. I look forward to seeing our collaboration unlock our customers’ limitless potential, and to it delivering us both an exciting future working closely together.”

The upgraded platform will ensure customers can take advantage of a host of new services, including machine learning, big data, AI and cognitive services, to transform their own organisations.

Nathan Marke, chief digital officer at Daisy Group, said: “The cloud has already reinvented the way in which we live our lives, and more and more businesses now get it. Daisy’s customers want to access the power of Azure as a platform for digital transformation, but they want to do it safe in the knowledge that their business operations will work seamlessly across old and new. With Microsoft’s excellent support we have been gearing up to deliver our customers exactly that – the latest in public cloud innovation, integrated seamlessly and securely with the traditional infrastructure on which their businesses run today, connected together by Daisy’s network wrapped with a ‘one-stop-shop’ managed service.”

Following a series of acquisitions in recent years, the move to Azure will enable Daisy Group to streamline its offering, reduce its own data centre footprint and stimulate innovation in its customer base. The company will continue to offer a hybrid cloud environment for organisations that need to retain some data in a private cloud environment to meet regulatory requirements.

Cindy Rose, CEO of Microsoft UK added: “In putting its trust in Microsoft, Daisy Group is not only transforming the services it offers but the very culture of the organisation. This is an important step for both the business and its customers and further demonstrates how Microsoft Azure can enable any business of any size to innovate and scale to any level.”

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