MTN Irancell holds 5G tests with Ericsson

MTN Irancell has partnered with Ericsson to conduct a test of 5G connectivity in Tehran, according to reports from the Middle East country.

The test, conducted using Ericsson transmission solutions, saw 4K video transmitted using 5G technology, according to the Financial Tribune. It saw Irancell transmit a 4K file within milliseconds, compared with transfers over 4G technology which would normally take several minutes.

The tests were conducted as part of an agreement between the Swedish vendor and Irancell, Iran’s second largest mobile operator, to develop 5G wireless networks in the country.

4G wireless networks were first launched in Iran in late 2014 almost three years after its international introduction. During the event at Irancell headquarters, the company’s CEO Alireza Dezfouli said “We are aiming to keep pace with the international operators. Iran will not be left behind again.”