Djibouti Telecom connects IP network to LINX

East African telecom operator, Djibouti Telecom, has joined the London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of the largest, global operators of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).

Djibouti Telecom, the sole voice and data services provider in Djibouti, is one of the major IP transit services providers in the East Africa region. With this new membership, Djibouti Telecom IP networks and internet service providers will have access to many of the most attractive peers at a lower cost. As a result, both new and existing customers will be able to experience reduced latency, increased resilience and reduced costs. 

The massive data growth projections for East Africa have prompted a rethink of the industry’s business model, with Djibouti Telecom focussed on ensuring Internet traffic is transported and managed across a reliable, diverse and secure network. That is why joining LINX is a key element to Djibouti Telecom’s strategy in providing greater value and a better Internet experience to its customers.

Over the last few months Djibouti Telecom has signed an agreement to peer its IP traffic through the France-IX’s Paris and Marseille IXPs and joined its IP network with Hurricane Electric, the world's largest IPv6-native internet backbone.