Huawei launches cloud-based data centre project

Chinese vendor Huawei has announced plans to let companies build networks of cloud-based data centres.

The solution is designed for high availability, hyperscale, and high-performance computing, said the company, which launched it at an event in Shanghai.

“As the digital transformation of enterprises accelerates, service cloudification is not exclusive to the internet industry, and has become a common choice in more industries such as finance, manufacturing, and energy,” said Yu Li, general manager of Huawei’s data centre network domain.

“Enterprises in each industry focus on quickly and effectively utilising cloud-base technologies to achieve business innovation in the industry and improve operational efficiency.”

The company, based in Shenzhen in southern China, called the new project CloudFabric Solution. It launched FabricInsight, an upgraded intelligent network analysis and operations and maintenance platform, at the same time.

Yu added: “Huawei’s CloudFabric Solution defines scenario-oriented Fabric models, focuses on the network and applications instead of network elements, and helps enterprises quickly build cloud-based networks matching service scenarios and future development, accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises.”

Based on scenario-oriented modular fabric networking, it can reduce the difficulty of network architecture design and can shorten the design period from months to days, said Huawei.

FabricInsight can improve decision-making efficiency and reduce fault location time from hours to minutes, it added.