Virtual1 to offer carrier partners real-time features on SDN

Virtual1 to offer carrier partners real-time features on SDN

Whilst the last four months have seen Virtual1 extending its network reach to cover 180 towns and cities across the UK, it has also released real-time bandwidth changes across its Ethernet network.

Partners will be able to increase and decrease the bandwidth on Ethernet services via 1Portal, with changes taking effect in real-time.

The news comes after Virtual1 announced in April that it was expanding its UK network and was targeting to create “the largest and most advanced wholesale-only UK network” by the end of 2017.

“In a first for the UK market, this functionality leverages the upgrades made across our core network over the past 18 months,” said Tom O’Hagan, Virtual1 founder and CEO.

“Virtual1 are now leading the field in the UK with our fully software-defined network (SDN), which by the end of 2017 will allow our partners to directly control 35 different features of the solutions that they provide, all in real-time.”

The company says the enhancements will release their partners from “the shackles of legacy carrier’s processes and service levels will create innovation in customer propositions”. 

By removing ourselves from the delivery of service, our Carrier Partners can now leverage a cutting-edge UK network, as if it were their own, with complete control of solutions in house, and the ability to integrate to their native systems

This functionality is available across all circuits provided on our own network immediately, with plans to expand this across all services we provide in the roadmap for 2018.

Virtual1 are exhibiting at Capacity Europe in London on the 24-26 October.

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