True to build 'beyond-100G' WDM network in Thailand

True to build 'beyond-100G' WDM network in Thailand

ZTE has won a 75% share of a project for three networks in True's beyond-100G backbone wavelength-division multiplexing network in Thailand.

The network will allow True to provide useful functions such as ultra-large capacity optical transport network cross-connection, intelligent scheduling of optical networks, and ultra-long-distance transmission.

The 100G backbone WDM network will greatly improve True’s network capacity and support its services growth in areas of: 3G and LTE plus fixed network broadband.

For this project, ZTE selected the 100G and beyond-100G WASON solution, PM-QPSK/PM-16QAM modulation and coherent reception technology, as well as digital signal processing algorithm and third-generation soft decision forward error correction to achieve transmission without electronic relays in the entire network.

The project also supports embedded optical time domain reflectometer solution, which can achieve comprehensive and real-time monitoring of the fibre parameters and fault points in the existing network. No details were given of the price.

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