NEC and Netcracker to enhance Colt network

NEC and Netcracker to enhance Colt network

NEC Corporation and Netcracker Technology have announced today that Colt has selected them to enable and support its large-scale OSS transformation and optimise it for virtualisation.

The transformation will support Colt in the deployment of the next generation of its infrastructure, including virtualisation. Colt will leverage Netcracker's future-proof, next-generation OSS and service orchestration solution, which is a part of NEC/Netcracker's agile virtualisation platform and practice (AVP).

"Our customers continue to expect new services to be delivered to them faster, which requires us to optimise our intelligent network and pave the way for fast-growing bandwidth requirements," said Rajiv Datta, CTO at Colt. "We are giving organisations the ability to take control of their connectivity through our SDN-powered On Demand services. With NEC/Netcracker's Service Orchestration solution, we can continue building agility and intelligence through our Colt IQ Network in order to better serve increasingly demanding customers."

Colt is a global high bandwidth connectivity provider that delivers services to metropolitan small, medium and large enterprises as well as wholesale carriers in nearly 30 countries, through its intelligent, purpose-built, cloud-integrated network, known as the Colt IQ Network.

Netcracker's OSS and Service Orchestration solution, a component of NEC/Netcracker's AVP's hybrid operations management solution, will enable Colt to optimise its physical network and quickly monetise new investments. Netcracker's solutions will also prepare Colt's infrastructure for the use of both physical and virtualised environments. 

NEC/Netcracker's Service Orchestration solution will give Colt the ability to enable new levels of provisioning automation. This will shorten the time it takes to deliver new services to customers, eliminate the risk of provisioning errors brought about by manual processes and give Colt more accurate views into the network in order to provide enhanced support and deliver a superior customer experience.

Yaniv Zilberman, vice president of sales at Netcracker, added: "The need to orchestrate legacy ecosystems with newly developed and launched virtualised technologies is becoming increasingly popular among service providers around the world as they transform in order to meet evolving customer needs. Colt is a perfect example of a forward-looking company that understands its need to challenge the status quo, and we look forward to supporting its journey into a next-generation service provider." 

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