Kalaam Telecom launches disruptive SD-WAN technology

Kalaam Telecom launches disruptive SD-WAN technology

Kalaam Telecom has teamed up with Versa Networks to launch Bahrain's first secured software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) infrastructure.


The second largest ISP for business in Bahrain announced its partnership a fortnight ago on 22 May 2017 with US-based Versa Networks, an industry leader in disruptive SDN technology, to provide an end-to-end solution which simplifies and secures the WAN/branch office networks.

In today’s world, enterprise challenges rapidly increase with growing business and technology needs, such as increase in demand of cloud applications, non-centralised manageability of multiple branches, increase in security threats and longer time to prepare branch for business.

Kalaam’s next generation feature-rich secured SD-WAN solution seeks to mitigate challenges - such as increasing demand of cloud applications, non-centralised manageability of multiple branches, and security threats - by securely supporting application growth, network agility, and simplified branch implementations.

“Being one of the leading telecom providers for businesses in Bahrain, it is very essential for Kalaam to constantly understand the challenges of the enterprises and mitigate them with a latest disruptive solution,” said Veer Passi, chief executive officer of Kalaam Telecom.

“Partnering with Versa Networks, a ‘cool vendor’ according to Gartner and “strong SD-WAN provider” according to Current Analysis, allows Kalaam to provide tremendous advantages for enterprises to set up multi-branch communication – local and international within hours with a deep set of security capabilities including firewall, UTM, DDoS, antivirus and DNS security.”

Passi added: “Some advanced features consist of real time graphical analytics, deep dive view of networks and application performances helps to understand the usage, trends and threats to immediately action any notable incidents. This partnership delivers a broad set of capabilities for building agile and secure enterprise WAN / branch network at a very low cost. Based on experience of some recent deployments & international research, the savings from SD-WAN adoption could range between 50% - 80% vs the traditional MPLS based WAN infrastructure.”

Kumar Mehta, CEO and CDO of Versa Networks, said the demand for next-generation, hybrid WAN architectures is rapidly increasing across the Arab states of the Persian Gulf as their economies enter the digital transformation age. He said: “Businesses of all types, from retail and finance to the oil industry, are requiring more agility, better economics and business alignment from their secure networks. Versa is excited to partner with Kalaam Telecom and help them address this clear market need with a powerful managed SD-WAN service based on the Versa Cloud IP Platform.”

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