Interxion launches Cloud Connect at Marseille campus

Interxion has made Cloud Connect, its interconnection service to the leading cloud platforms, available at its Marseille campus.

Cloud Connect ensures that Interxion customers can access their multi-cloud environments and better connect to its growing community of cloud service providers.

“Every organisation beginning a migration to the cloud faces the challenge of making the hybrid model work with their existing IT installations. The choice of data centre is important because the application data running in different environments need to interact in a secure and high performance manner,” said Fabrice Coquio, managing director at Interxion France.

Cloud Connect provides private, high performance and cost efficient interconnectivity for enterprises and IT service providers to their cloud providers of choice, including Microsoft ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect. 

Enterprises, carriers and SPs/SIs are able to bypass the public internet for their connection to the clouds and achieve service level guarantees on latency, throughput and availability. They can build hybrid IT solutions with the cloud service providers of their choice over a single physical, secure and high-performance connection. 

“As the use of hybrid IT solutions increases, so too does the need for a data centre provider who understands the complexities of these environments and has the technical capability to provide easy interconnection. Cloud Connect ensures that Interxion customers can access their multi-cloud environments and connect to our growing community of cloud service providers in an easy, fast and cost-effective way,” added Coquio.

The carrier and cloud-neutral colocation data centre services provider in Europe has enabled its customers at its Marseille campus with private access service to multiple clouds, helping them to build and operate hybrid IT solutions.

Cloud Connect is now available at 12 of Interxion’s 13 data centre campuses across Europe.