Three goes to Cisco Jasper for IoT enterprise platform

The Three Group of operators has formed a partnership with Cisco Jasper to boost its activities in the market for the internet of things (IoT).

CK Hutchison-controlled Three, which has operations in 12 countries, will be able to enable its enterprise customers to offer IoT services using Cisco Jasper’s powerful connectivity management platform, Control Center.

Jarrod Nink, CEO at Three’s IoT operation, Hue, said: “Our customers will enjoy an edge in the IoT market for years to come. This partnership will put Three at the heart of the global IoT marketplace and offers huge potential to our enterprise customers.”

Three runs mobile networks in Australia – where it has a partnership with Vodafone – as well as Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Macau, Sri Lanka, Sweden, UK and Vietnam.

The partnership will go into operation in the middle of 2017, said Three. It will address three markets in particular, said Three: connected cars; building security and automation; and transportation and logistics.

Cisco Jasper’s Control Center platform is already used by over 7,000 enterprises for IoT services. Kalle Ward, managing director for IoT cloud in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said: “Cisco Jasper has been powering these real IoT successes for more than 10 years, and our connectivity management platform helps businesses automate and manage the delivery of their IoT services globally. We are delighted that the Three Group, with its high-speed mobile networks built for data and its multinational footprint, has selected Cisco Jasper as its partner to deliver IoT simplicity.”