China Mobile first to cloudify HK core network

China Mobile first to cloudify HK core network

China Mobile Hong Kong Company (CMHK) has demonstrated its drive towards the cloud by becoming the first mobile operator to cloudify its core network in Hong Kong.

Huawei helped to successfully migrate CMHK services to an NFV-based cloud core network for commercial use earlier this month, which saw CMHK deploy the 3GPP system. The companies are jointly developing new technologies, such as network slicing and edge computing to lead the transformation to cloud networks.

"We are pleased to partner with Huawei to migrate CMHK's legacy networks to cloud networks,” said Sean Lee, director and chief executive officer of CMHK. “With our two professional teams in force, it only took half a year to complete the preparation work for the migration and activation for commercial use. The synergy between CMHK and Huawei is expected to ensure our entire cloud networks will be smoothly put into commercial use, bringing better service to our customers.”

The network architecture not only helps maximise return on investment and improve operation and maintenance efficiency, but also paves the way to 5G towards the Network 2020 vision.

Wang Yongde, vice president of Huawei’s cloud core network product line, added: "On CMHK's cloud network, network elements in IMS, packet switched and circuit switched domains are co-deployed. Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE), VoWiFi and mobile data services are co-operated. Compared to legacy core networks, cloud-core networks are more elastic and robust.”

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