Dolphin Telecom to become sixth mobile operator in Peru

Dolphin Telecom to become sixth mobile operator in Peru

Dolphin Telecom has announced plans to become the sixth mobile operator in Peru after striking an MVNO agreement, according to reports.

Dolphin already offers Tetra-based trunking services, but has now been granted an MVNO license, according to local reports, and has struck a deal with a network operator, allowing it to launch mobile services.

Media outlet Bolsamania reports that communications vice-minister Carlos Valdez approved Dolphin to follow in the footsteps of Virgin Mobile, which became Peru’s first MVNO when it launched there last year.

The market in Peru has four MNOs, but is dominated by Movistar (52.1% share), and Claro (35.2% share) according to telecoms regulator Ospitel. Bitel Peru and Entel Peru, which was formerly Nextel, make up the rest of the lion’s share of the market.

Former NII Holdigs subsidiary Nextel was bought by Chilean operator Entel in 2013, with the firm launching 4G services the following year.

Peru is a fast-growing market for mobile data, with the amount used trebling in 2015. UK MPs claimed recently that 4G coverage in the Latam country was better than in the UK.