Data Facilities launches The Hague internet exchange

Data Facilities launches The Hague internet exchange

Netherlands data centre company Data Facilities has launched an internet exchange in the country’s most populous area, around The Hague.

DF-IX, the Data Facilities internet exchange, is a not-for-profit operation to which companies in the conurbation can connect free of charge. It will compete with existing internet exchanges in Amsterdam, said Savvas Bout, CEO of Data Facilities.

“It is high time for an internet exchange in The Hague region,” he told Dutch media. DF-IX is intended to serve the Randstad region, which includes Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam as well as The Hague.

“The Hague and Rotterdam are key players in the ICT sector. Many parties unfortunately resort to larger data centres and internet exchange points in Amsterdam, with unnecessarily high costs as a result.”

Members of DF-IX will receive free admission to several regional data centres in the Randstad, which are connected to several global Tier 1 providers, said Data Facilities. DF-IX members are connected to colocation data centres at Zoetermeer, Spijkenisse and The Hague.

“With this new internet exchange we are going to encourage the exchange of local and regional internet traffic,” said Bout.

Data Facilities connects carriers and internet service providers including Ziggo, KPN, Cogent and Level 3 Communications.

Bout, who is also CEO of the Netrouting hosting company in the US, set up Data Facilities in the western Dutch town of Spijkenisse in 2012 and in The Hague two years later.

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