DE-CIX strikes MoU with Interwire

DE-CIX strikes MoU with Interwire

DE-CIX has struck memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Interwire Internet Services, the owner of the Mumbai Convergence Hub, to develop interconnections in the Indian market.

The MoU is aimed at strengthening both firms’ ambitions to drive digital infrastructure within India, and will take a strong focus on the Mumbai area.

Mumbai CH is one of India’s largest open peering exchange hubs, serving more than 140 internet service providers and content networks from India and internationally.

Nikhil Rathi, director of Interwire Internet Services, said: “New digital environments are creating new challenges and opportunities around the world, and cooperative efforts are crucial to meet those new challenges and take advantage of the opportunities. 

“We appreciate that DE-CIX is a major representative of the International Internet community and therefore has access to a wide range of telecoms business experiences and technical knowledge in the area of Internet Exchange and related Interconnection Services.”

It is the latest in a number of agreements announced by German internet exchange DE-CIX. Earlier this week, it announced a new point of presence at the 1025Connect data centre in Long Island, New York.

At Capacity Europe in November, DE-CIX unveiled a new service model that creates a logical separation of the port into two parts: a physical access and virtual services.

On the MoU, Harald A. Summa, CEO of DE-CIX said: “Interwire is a very experienced and renowned Indian market player as it owns and manages the Mumbai CH, India´s largest open peering exchange hub and is uniquely placed to provide access to the Indian telecommunication market. 

“We are interested in establishing a long-term collaboration with Interwire to exchange know-how and create models for business collaboration to boost the Indian digital infrastructure.”

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