China seeks outside investment in telecoms

China seeks outside investment in telecoms

The Chinese government has challenged private firms to get involved in the country’s telecommunications industry to increase competitiveness and reduce costs and fees.

The government plans to open up the industry to private investment, according to a report from Reuters, citing a notice issued by the CPC Central Committee.

The notice said the government plans to “give free rein to telecommunications companies in the development of the internet”.

Telecoms in China is dominated by China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile, which are all state-owned operations, but the government is looking to ease rules in the sector to encourage outside investment.

Moves to reduce restrictions have led to a number of partnerships between the Chinese operators and foreign technology firms. China Mobile recently announced a partnership with Swedish vendor Ericsson around the Internet of Things.

China Unicom has also announced a number of partnerships with companies including Alibaba and Baidu. All three signed a tower leasing deal last year.

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