Equinix launching 100Gbps metro connect in Brazil

Equinix launching 100Gbps metro connect in Brazil

Equinix is launching a new interconnect architecture, offering up to 100Gbps per port, between data centre facilities in Brazil.

The global interconnection and data centre company’s metro connect will link IBXs SP2, in Tamboré, to SP3, in Santana de Parnaíba, enabling high-density connections with lower transmission costs.

Ciena’s scalable data centre interconnection (DCI) platform, Waveserver, is being used to extend connectivity and offers up to 100Gbps per port, whilst enabling capacity for up to 400Gbps in a compact 1-Rack-Unit system. It’s the first time the network strategy and technology firm will commercially deploy its Waveserver DCI platform in Latin America.

“Our data centres in the country are all networked, but this will be the first to support up to 100Gbps per port,” said Nelson Mendonça, operations director at Equinix in Brazil. “In traditional models, we offer interconnection with billing based on capacity. Now, between SP2 and SP3, we have all the potential of the new architecture at our disposal, which allows us to develop a new purchase model, improve the end user experience, and ensure a connection with more capacity for customers allocated in our data centres.” 

Companies hosted in SP3 will also be able to connect to the Equinix Cloud Exchange, a hub for interconnection with the company’s cloud, with no linking cost. 

Patricia Vello, country manager for Brazil at Ciena, added: “With Waveserver, Equinix can make more efficient use of its data centre footprint, while offering new levels of flexibility due to Waveserver’s openness and high programmability that ensures quick and simple service activation and monitoring.”

The service will be available in Q1 2017, with the opening of the new data centre in Santana do Parnaíba. The company intends to expand this network architecture to other data centres in Brazil.

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