Djibouti Internet Exchange joins African IXP Association

Djibouti Internet Exchange joins African IXP Association

The Djibouti Internet Exchange (DjIX) has joined the African IXP Association (AFIX) in its mission to help improve connectivity within the region.

AFIX, a group of internet exchange point (IXP) operators from across Africa, brought together by a shared need to coordinate and exchange knowledge, has welcomed the DjIX as its most recent member.

Anthony Voscarides of the DjIX, colocated at the Djibouti Data Center (DDC) in Djibouti City, said: “We are honoured to be included in the esteemed company of all members of the African IXP Association.” There are currently 36 active Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) located in 33 cities in 28 countries in Africa.

The DjIX is an open peering platform, which leverages the DDC ecosystem and its unique access to Djibouti Telecom’s 11 international and regional fibre cable systems. It is designed to enhance regional internet connectivity, capacity, and performance.

“We share the same goals and objectives which are to enable operators across the region to exchange internet protocol (IP) traffic directly, reduce costs, improve speed, latency, and redundancy in their internet connections for the “good of the internet” and the rapidly growing internet communities across all of Africa,” added Voscarides.

“Africa is arguably the fastest growth region for new Internet services in the world. The need to coordinate and foster the growth and development of the Internet has become increasingly important. We are pleased to actively support AFIX in its mission to help Africa’s progression towards a digital economy and to reap the full benefits of the Internet that will help drive economic and social well-being in the region.”

Kyle Spencer, co-coordinator of AFIX, said: “The addition of the Djibouti Internet Exchange to our growing community is another milestone in our collective efforts to improve internet connectivity in Africa. We believe they will make a significant contribution to the social and economic development of both Djibouti and the wider region.”

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