China Mobile selects Nuage Networks’ SDN for huge public cloud deployment
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China Mobile selects Nuage Networks’ SDN for huge public cloud deployment

Nuage Networks has signed a massive deal with China Mobile to automate its huge public cloud deployments in Beijing and Guangzhou.

China Mobile and Nuage Networks are partnering on a new massive public cloud deployment that will scale to meet the needs of approximately 2,000 servers across two data centres in the cities of Beijing and Guangzhou.

Nuage Networks, the Nokia venture focused on software-defined networking (SDN) solutions; today announced that China Mobile (CMCC) has selected its Virtualised Services Platform (VSP) to implement CMCC’s first commercial public cloud project based on SDN technology.

CMCC’s is the largest telecommunications company in China and has been rapidly expanding its large network of data centres. CMCC needed a highly scalable SDN solution with rich services for a massive deployment of approximately 2000 public cloud servers made up of several thousand virtual machines, in Beijing and Guangzhou.

Nuage Networks VSP enabled CMCC to virtualise its multi-tenant data centre networks and establish connectivity among computing resources far faster than normal while at the same time providing more provisioning features to customers also at considerably faster speeds. In effect, this is the automation of provisioning.

Charles Ferland, vice president of business development, Nuage Networks, told Capacity that: “These SDN solutions will increase the speed of deployments by ten times while reducing operating expenses by up to 50%.”

As a result, CMCC can implement new data centres faster than with its normal physical deployments, while reducing staffing and op ex.

This deal strengthens the relationship between China Mobile and Nuage Networks, building on the deployment last year of Nuage Networks’ SDN technology in CMCC’s DevOps private cloud architecture.

Ferland explained to Capacity that: “Nuage Networks VSP solution enables high-performance, high-stability distributed SDN and policy-based automation for cloud deployments to be rolled out with speed and ease. Rather than have to provision each server individually the process is automatic and optimises and scales data centre connectivity.”

The real benefit of the solution is that it automates the configuration, management and optimisation of virtual networks, including security services that provide tenant isolation and access controls to individual applications and workloads. The centralised policy manager and SDN controller automates configuration and tuning of network and security devices, accelerating IT tasks, increasing scale and reducing errors.

As Ferland told Capacity: “It’s about connecting users with applications that they can provision easily and with speed. Our solutions and services do away with complex technical answers that take a long time to deploy and replace them with easily-followed templates that can allow provisioning of complex solutions – that in turn enables operators provide services in days instead of months or years.”

This partnership came about after China Mobile asked Nuage Networks to help it with its private cloud network. The VCS integrates with a broad range of open source management solutions around OpenStack to deliver virtual networking, provision storage and provide automation in a highly scalable cloud environment.

CMCC also won the OpenStack superuser award this year. OpenStack said of the CMCC award: “The team has managed to marry scale with speed and agility: the OpenStack-based application release cycle has been cut from six months to a month and its big data prediction platform boosted success rates from 3- to 15-20 percent. Team members have also contributed 513 patch sets and over 2,000 lines of codes to the OpenStack community.”

Yu Xiaohan, head of the customer business team, CMCC at Nokia Networks China said ‘’The successful track record of Nuage Networks’ VSP in major operators’ clouds around the world, and our philosophy of building open cloud environments that avoid customer lock-in, were both instrumental in our ability to win China Mobile’s first open bid for its data centre SDN. We are excited to assist China Mobile to build a large-scale, high-performance cloud that includes all of the features required to meet their customers’ needs.”


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