Huawei wins bid for Enel’s OpEn Fiber project

Huawei wins bid for Enel’s OpEn Fiber project

OpEn Fiber has announced that Huawei Italy has won the tender to supply and install its fibre-optic network monitoring system.

OpEn Fiber (OF), which completed the €714 million acquisition of the entire share capital of Metroweb in December, has collaborated with Huawei in Perugia and the solutions provider is set to deploy its N2510 fibre-optic link assurance systems in nine further cities.

The technology seeks to help OF to perform faster network acceptance tests and intelligent maintenance of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure networks. This improves the efficiency of service provisioning and fault diagnosis, reducing operations, maintenance, total cost of ownership, and accelerating the construction of FTTH networks.

Enel established OF in December 2015 to undertake national broadband constructions in compliance with the national ultra-broadband (UBB) strategy in Italy. According to the implementation plan of the national broadband project, carriers are accelerating network construction in developed areas. OF plans to construct broadband networks in more than 250 provinces and cities in 5 years, covering 9.5 million users.

OF has partnered with Huawei to fulfil this plan.

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