IEEE launches 5G Initiative with industry and academics

IEEE launches 5G Initiative with industry and academics

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has launched a new 5G initiative aimed at bringing together telecoms professionals, government, and academics to tackle challenges associated with the developing mobile technology.

The initiative is split across several working groups and will involve volunteers from both industry and academia. The groups will look at short (up to three years), medium (up to five years) and long (up to 10 years) term research, innovation and technology trends in communications.

Other working groups will be tasked with developing industry standards and events around the fifth generation of mobile technology, which is expected to be deployed worldwide in 2020.

AT&T technical lead Ashutosh Dutta, and Vodafone chair professor at TU Dresden Gerhard Fettwies have been named as co-chairs of the IEEE 5G Initiative. Both will serve on the IEEE Communications Society’s board of governors.

“5G is not only evolutionary, providing higher bandwidth and lower latency than current-generation technology; more importantly, 5G is revolutionary, in that it is expected to enable fundamentally new applications with much more stringent requirements in latency and bandwidth," said Dutta. 

“5G should help solve the last-mile/last-kilometre problem and provide broadband access to the next billion users on earth at much lower cost because of its use of new spectrum and its improvements in spectral efficiency.”

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