TIM launches 4.5G up to 500 Mbps for business and retail

TIM launches 4.5G up to 500 Mbps for business and retail

TIM offers business and retail customers in Rome and Palermo speeds of 500 Mbps download plus a new Sony Xperia XZ.

TIM is the first European operator to offer its business and retail customers speeds of up to 500 Mbps in download on its mobile 4.5G network. The service starts today in Rome, Palermo and Sanremo and runs on the new Sony Xperia XZ smartphone, the first compatible device. This is exclusive to TIM.

With the new 4.5G technology on the LTE network, TIM customers in the municipalities of Rome, Palermo and Sanremo where the service is already active, will have access to faster transmission speeds, a stable browsing experience which downloads films in high definition in minutes, providing full HD and 4K video content on the move.

In the upcoming weeks TIM’s 4.5G network will reach to the cities of Naples, Milan and Turin - where TIM has already conducted field tests exceeding download speeds of 500 Mbps on a single data connection on the live network as the first operator in Italy.

Stefano Azzi, head of consumer at TIM said: “Starting today, our customers will be able to browse on their smartphones at the top speeds available, enjoying for example 4K content on the move without having to compromise on quality. For TIM this represents another significant achievement in the development of offers moving towards 5G.

"Thanks to the innovation of our services the user experience will be even more engaging and the solutions and applications proposed will allow customers to access TIMvision and TIMmusic, in addition to all other premium content.”

TIM customers also have access to - the first smartphone in Europe that can reach browsing speeds up to 500 Mbps in downlink on TIM's 4.5G network – is available to TIM customers as an exclusive. The smartphone, presented last September at the 2016 IFA, is capable of supporting the new L band and the new coding and modulation techniques introduced on the 4.5G network by TIM to increase performances and offer an increasingly higher quality of service. TIM's retail and business customers with 4G, who acquire the new Sony or compatible devices later, will be able to access all available services up to 500 Mbps freely and automatically. 

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