China Unicom launches UK MVNO on O2's network

China Unicom launches UK MVNO on O2's network

China Unicom Global (CUG) has launched an MVNO running on Telefonica’s network in the UK, labelling the service “CUniq”.

The state-controlled mobile operator, the fourth biggest in the world in terms of subscribers, claims the service is the first in the UK to offer multiple numbers on one SIM-card.

Customers can buy a CUniq SIM and have a UK, Hong Kong and mainland China number on the service. Spanish operator Telefonica has owned a stake in China Unicom since 2009, but reduced this down to just 1% earlier this year. It will run on Telefonica's O2 network in the UK.

China Unicom said the launch of the CUniq MVNO marks a milestone for CUG, its international arm’s, expansion in overseas markets. CUG is looking to drive into Europe and offer more convenient services to customers in the region, it said.

The CUniq service also involved Isle of Man-based operator Manx Telecom, while CUG said it plans to roll out the service in other locations in the future, identifying America, Australia and Japan as possible regions for future expansion.

Jiang Zhengxin, deputy general manager of China Unicom, said: “China Unicom has made vigorous efforts to drive reforms and innovations over the years. Innovation becomes the engine to propel its development. As to its mobile communication operation, China Unicom is committed to providing leading mobile applications and innovative services to customers in Asia-Pacific region.

“The launch of "CUniq" enables CUG to offer more convenient services to customers in Europe. Its launch symbolizes accelerating expansion of its international business and marks a milestone for CUG's development of MVNO services in overseas market.”

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