DT hires ex-Telefónica CEO to promote collaboration between German carriers
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DT hires ex-Telefónica CEO to promote collaboration between German carriers

Deutsche Telekom has appointed a former Telefónica executive to its board to promote broadband cooperation between different carriers in Germany.

From 2012 until early this year Johannes Pruchnow was CEO of 1&1 Versatel, which runs a 41,000km fibre network, second only to Deutsche Telekom’s. Before that he was at Telefónica Deutschland, expanding the company’s wholesale business and building up its business market.

Niek Jan van Damme, responsible for Germany on the Deutsche Telekom board of management, said the company had taken the move because it wanted “to improve cooperation above all in those areas where we ourselves have not yet built out the network, so that in the future we can also offer our customers high-performance services in these areas”.

Pruchnow will be the representative of the Deutsche Telekom board of management for broadband cooperation in Germany.

“Broadband build-out is a complex matter involving a range of different stakeholders: regional network operators, large companies that are active on a national level, authorities; but also local build-out initiatives, and this is where Johannes Pruchnow will be active,” said van Damme.

Timotheus Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, said: “Building out the broadband network in Germany is one of our society’s key tasks. We want to achieve even greater speed and increased coverage. The aim is to work together to provide people and companies in Germany with higher-performance lines than they have had access to up to now.”

Pruchnow earlier worked for ten years in the management consultancy firm McKinsey & Company. He became a partner there in 2000 in the areas of telecommunication, media, IT and consumer electronics.

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