Vodafone and Sparkle sign agreement for messaging services

Vodafone and Sparkle sign agreement for messaging services

Vodafone and Sparkle have signed a deal to connect to their respective SMS messaging hubs.

Vodafone and Sparkle, the international service arm of Telecom Italia Group announced today an agreement to directly connect their respective SMS messaging hubs to maximise the quality of service for end users of person to person (P2P) and application to person (A2P) messaging.

According to this agreement, Vodafone will offer P2P and A2P SMS termination towards all its group subsidiaries, while Sparkle will provide termination towards TIM Italy, TIM Brazil, Telecom Personal Argentina for P2P SMS messaging as well as termination for A2P SMS services to all mobile operators directly connected to Sparkle.

Alessandro Talotta, chairman and CEO of Sparkle, said: “As Sparkle we are always committed to guaranteeing high-quality services, Mobile Operator Network protection and traffic monetisation and we are glad to continue our successful collaboration with Vodafone, to enhance the quality of mobile services towards all our end users.”

Vodafone Carrier Services Chief Executive Officer Brian Fitzpatrick said: “Quality of service to customers is at the heart of everything we do and this new agreement with Sparkle will help to ensure a high-quality experience in our messaging services.”

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