Beeline Kazakhstan trials 300Mbps FTTH and boosts mobile performance

Beeline Kazakhstan trials 300Mbps FTTH and boosts mobile performance

Kazakhstan operator Beeline has begun trials of 300Mbps fibre-to-the-home technology as it looks at improving both its fixed and mobile networks.

The operator, whose cellular arm is KaR-Tel but operates under parent company VimpelCom’s Beeline brand, said it has launched trials of faster speed fibre connections in the city of Almaty.

It has also struck an agreement with French network intelligence provider Astellia to boost the performance of its mobile networks in Kazakhstan.

Beeline has more than nine million mobile subscribers in the country, and has employed Astellia’s network performance monitoring solution for 2G and 3G services.

The solution will assess Beeline’s network and troubleshoot and problems the carrier experiences, while also feeding its Big Data solution with relevant information about customer activities.

“Since we are operating in a very competitive environment with mobile penetration of 180%, we need to find ways to differentiate ourselves. Focused network optimization is an important contributor to reach a superior customer experience. We highly value Astellia’s strong commitment and effective approach to help us tackle network issues to guarantee a high-performing network infrastructure,” said Denis Pustoshilov, director of quality management and services at Beeline Kazakhstan.

“We are looking forward continuing our excellent collaborative work with Beeline Kazakhstan by delivering a solution that significantly improves network performance and directly impacts Beeline’s subscribers’ experience,” added Sebastien Schultz, managing director Europe at Astellia.

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