Velcom set to launch 4G services in Belarus

Velcom set to launch 4G services in Belarus

Belarusian carrier TM Velcom is set to launch 4G services through its infrastructure arm, according to reports in the country.

Press service BelTA cites Velcom deputy general director for marketing, sales and customer service Robert Dashian as saying it will roll out the service in the coming months.

The report claims Velcom currently has 2,500 base stations which are completely ready for the deployment of LTE technology, including antennas and feeders.

Dashian said: “"We just need to get a license in Belarus. On the technical side, Velcom’s LTE launch throughout Belarus is just a matter of a few days, as we only need to download the software for the equipment.”

Belarus currently has two mobile operators offering 4G: becloud MTS, which launched it at the end of 2015, and life, which launched in Minsk in August.

The report claims Velcom is looking to take a technology neutral route with its 4G launch running across existing spectrum bands. It will not connect to Becloud’s 4G service, Dashian added.

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