KPN joins €90m Dutch smart traffic partnership

KPN joins €90m Dutch smart traffic partnership

KPN has signed up to a new €90 million smart city initiative focussed on traffic solutions and connected vehicles in the Netherlands.

The operator has been selected as ICT partner in the Partnership Talking Traffic scheme, which also involves the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, and regional and local authorities, along with 11 other companies.

The Partnership will look to create applications to alleviate congestion, improve road safety, and support road users and vehicles, in some of the Netherlands’ busiest regions and cities. Together, they will invest €90 million up to and including 2020.

KPN said it will act as a “Data Services Hub” facilitating information exchanges between people, machines and the organisations involved in the partnership.

The partnership aims to launch its firs new road technologies in the summer of 2017, while KPN said it will also offer its new Data Services Hub to other organisations as well.

Frank van der Post, chief commercial officer of KPN, said: ‘We see a growing demand for a new way of connecting. It's not about sharing data, but about responsibly exchanging information directly in a production environment where the central considerations are the importance of privacy and intellectual property. 

“The cooperation between KPN and the current partners stands as an example of this new digital infrastructure. Parties that worked separately for many years will now be able to combine forces, with KPN acting as a neutral, trusted and reliable connector.’

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