LINX partnership with Workonline boosts African peering services

LINX partnership with Workonline boosts African peering services

The partnership between the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and Workonline Communications has seen the demand for remote peering services in South Africa grow dramatically, the two companies claim.

LINX provides a central point for Workonline, a pan-African network service provider, to peer with the majority of European networks.

Workonline said its partnership with LINX, which it struck a year ao, had allowed it to support ISPs to make the most of peering services in London by reducing IP transit costs, and saving them from investing in their own infrastructure in London.

Edward Lawrence, director of business development for Workonline Communications, says: “Our experience in signing up to LINX was a smooth and easy process. Since joining the LINX reseller program a year ago, we have seen a large uptake in requests for remote peering services from sub-Saharan Africa to the LINX. 

"The fact that LINX is a member run Internet Exchange makes it even more dependable, and ensures that it keeps the interests of the community at heart.”

LINX chief executive officer, John Souter, added: “We are very pleased with our first year partnership with Workonline. The growth potential is good and we are keen to continue working with them to help build an ever stronger and more resilient networking community in the region.”

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