Swisscom launches hybrid internet offer and router

Swisscom launches hybrid internet offer and router

Swisscom has launched a range of new services across its network, including a hybrid fixed-mobile service, a new router offering speeds of 500Mbs, and a filter for unwanted calls.

The “Internet Booster” combines DSL and LTE to offer customers experiencing a slow internet connection speeds up to 40Mbps. It will launch in 2017 and will be free of charge to some Vivo S and Vivo M customers in selected locations.

The call blocker is due to go live on 28 November and will automatically filter advertising calls. It can also be used to block unidentified numbers and anonymous calls, Swisscom said.

Swisscom has also bumped up the amount of numbers customers can block from 50 to 200, with the ability to create individual block lists added to the service. The service is free to use.

“Action against unsolicited calls has been our customers’ top request for some time now,” said Swisscom head of products Dirk Wierzbitzki. “Now, the Swisscom call filter offers an effective solution.”

To boost internet speeds within the home, Swisscom has also launched a seven antennae WiFi router, called the Internet Box 2. It is equipped for technology, currently being trialled by several major networks including BT and Deutsche Telekom, which can offer speeds up to 500Mbps.

It comes as Swisscom doubled customer internet speeds on its Vivo XS and S packages to 20 and 40Mbps respectively.

“Both devices – the Internet Booster and Internet Box 2 – were single-handedly developed by Swisscom and have been tested by about 2,000 people over the past months,” added Wierzbitzki.

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