Hurricane Electric becomes first France-IX Marseille marketplace partner

Hurricane Electric becomes first France-IX Marseille marketplace partner

Hurricane Electric has today become the inaugural partner to join the France-IX Marseille internet exchange point (IXP) marketplace.

Hurricane Electric will offer its IP transit services to the France-IX community in Marseille and will benefit from reaching a wider customer base within the EMEA region, offering additional value on France-IX members’ connection ports.

Franck Simon, managing director at France-IX, explains the success of the peering node is partly due to the role that Marseille plays as an international gateway.

"A few years ago we saw its potential and decided to bet on it. Marseille was already connected with multiple cables going to the African continent, the Middle-East and further afield into Asia,” he said.

“More of these cables, with even bigger capacities, are expected to be rolled out by the end of 2016 and into the beginning of 2017. With such an advantage, Marseille naturally stood out as the perfect place nearest to central Europe for African and Middle-Eastern operators to interconnect with both French and English content providers.”

The Marseille IX has attracted 29 interconnected networks to date including those originating from France and serving local markets and also nationwide operators and US, European, Middle Eastern and African operators. In addition to Marseille, Hurricane has also joined the France-IX marketplace in Paris, where it reaches a community of over 320 networks.

Hurricane Electric’s CEO, Mike Leber, added: “Hurricane Electric can provision IP transit by the gigabit to any member of France-IX within the span of a few days. France-IX members ask the internet exchange for the set-up of a private VLAN between our port and theirs and we provide the service within 24 hours. With the marketplace programme, we are also able to meet requests from more networks, as the France-IX infrastructure is spread out over two datacentres in Marseille - Interxion and Jaguar Network.”

The news comes after France-IX and BICS partnered to accelerate internet peering and French web hosting provider migrated from four 10Gbps ports to two 100Gbps ports on France-IX’s internet exchange to bolster its capacity and performance

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