Vodacom using wholesale FTTH providers in South Africa

Vodacom using wholesale FTTH providers in South Africa

Vodacom steps up fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) in South Africa roll-out in South Africa by signing lease agreements with a number of wholesale fibre providers, according to reports.

The company, which is part-owned by Vodafone, will lease capacity from Century City Connect, Dark Fibre Africa, Fibrehoods, Openserve and Vumatel, say the reports.

Louisa van Beek, Vodacom’s managing executive for the fibre project, told IT News Africa: “In order to accelerate access to fibre services for our customers, we have partnered with third party FTTH infrastructure providers for access to ready-built FTTH networks.”

Vodacom Fibre is already available via four of the wholesale networks, and Century City Connect’s network will be added shortly, said the publication.

“Earlier this year, Vodacom stated its intention to pass one million broadband fibre end-points within the next four years,” van Beek told the publication. “The rollout of fibre remains a critical part of Vodacom’s growth strategy. We anticipate significant growth in this area and besides investing significantly in our own infrastructure we will also continue to sign up additional third party network infrastructure providers.”

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