C&W, TE SubCom seal 100G subsea capacity upgrade

C&W, TE SubCom seal 100G subsea capacity upgrade

C&W Networks has extended its pan-Caribbean partnership with TE SubCom by signing an agreement to complete an immediate 100G capacity upgrade agreement to the ECLink cable system.

The capacity upgrades to the 938km ECLink subsea cable system connecting Trinidad and Curacao will see the system upgraded to accommodate five 100G plug-and-play wavelengths and will have two 100G wavelengths activated.

"We're excited to once again partner with TE SubCom and pleased to have chosen them as the provider for the ECLink regional upgrade," said Paul Scott, president of C&W Networks. "Our capacity upgrades across the pan-Caribbean region will help us meet the high performance and network reliability needed so we can offer better and faster services that meet the ever evolving needs of our wholesale carrier customers."

Its 15-year partnership has included the construction and upgrade of three regional systems, including ARCOS, Trinidad Curacao and CFX-1 networks. Each system were originally designed for 10Gbps transmission. In recent years, TE SubCom has increased capacity by 2Tbps across the three networks.

The plug-and-play design enables cable station personnel to easily install and provision the transceiver to efficiently provide additional capacity, meeting rising customer capacity demand.

"We value C&W Networks' continued preference for our company's technology portfolio and regional expertise in support of these upgrades," said Michael Rieger, vice president of TE SubCom. "As with all our customers, our goal is to build a partnership based on long-term vision, support and dependability."