Huawei Marine sees "major breakthrough" in 100G technology tests

Huawei Marine sees "major breakthrough" in 100G technology tests

Huawei Marine has increased the distance of its advanced 100G technology, enhanced raman amplifier (ERPC) and remote optical pump amplifier (ROPA) to 648.5km in a lab test in Beijing.

The Chinese firm’s previous tests had hit transmission distances of 627km, but Huawei’s latest lab tests have expanded this even further, in what it called “a major breakthrough”.

The firm’s 100G transmission technology combines PDM BPSK modulation, ODSP and third-generation soft decision to tackle issues of high dependence on dispersion compensation modules ad low PMD.

The latest lab test was carried out on a 100G/s channel over an ultra low loss optical fibre using Huawei’s technology.

“Huawei Marine has achieved another breakthrough in unrepeatered system design which demonstrates our continuous commitment to investing in high-performance technology,” said Zhang Shigui, Vice President of Technology, Huawei Marine. “When used commercially, this technology will broaden the range of unrepeatered system applications and create value for our customers.”

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