Morphean selects Interoute for virtual data centres

Morphean selects Interoute for virtual data centres

Video as a Service provider Morphean has selected global cloud provider Interoute to host its management platform for content analysis videos and incident detection.

Interoute already supports Morphean’s VIDEOPROTECTOR platform at its virtual data centres in Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt and London. VIDEOPROTECTOR is a hosted video surveillance platform but also offers monitoring, and human behavioural analysis tools to detect incidents.

Morphean CEO Rodrigue Zbinden said the company expects to hose 15,000 cameras per Interoute data centre by the end of next year, with this number predicted to hit 50,000 per data centre by the end of 2018.

"Most of our competitors are American and even some European competitors often host their data in the US cloud across the Atlantic, so we decided to differentiate ourselves by giving our customers the choice to host their data with a European cloud with local European data centres,” he added. “This assures our customers that their data will stay within the borders of the elected European countries.

“Interoute is present in almost every country we cover, it has relentless security assurances and is recognized by major consulting firms such as Frost & Sullivan and Gartner and we believe it has unbeatable performance in Europe."

Interoute CTO Matthew Finnie said: "We are delighted to support Morphean in its ambitious projects. Our geographic coverage, our network performance and flexibility of our pricing model provide a perfect fit for Morphean. Thanks to our integrated cloud platform built into our network, Morphean’s customers in several countries can take advantage of the very low latency between our data centres, in addition to physical security and guaranteed data residency."

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