Global Switch becomes enabled site for DE-CIX services in Frankfurt

Global Switch becomes enabled site for DE-CIX services in Frankfurt

DE-CIX has expanded its activities in the home market of Germany by partnering with Global Switch, its Frankfurt operations will become a “DE-CIX Enabled Site”.

The cooperative agreement seeks to give more customers access to DE-CIX services – such as Global Peer, MetroVLAN and Globe Peer Remote - and thus drive the expansion in the key market of Germany.

"With Global Switch we are pleased to have found such an experienced and competent partner. At DE-CIX security, modern and efficient data centres are the key factors in selecting new partnerships. With Global Switch we see these factors absolutely guaranteed. Our customers will unquestionably benefit from our combined expertise," says Harald A. Summa, CEO at DE-CIX.

DE-CIX Frankfurt is spread over a total of 20 data centres of different operators in the city of Frankfurt. The internet exchange (IX) reaches over 5.5Tbps of peak traffic and its technical infrastructure has a total capacity of 48Tb. More than 700 national and international customers in 60 countries rely on the benefits and services of DE-CIX in Frankfurt.

Aman Khan, managing director, Frankfurt, Germany of Global Switch, added: “DE-CIX is a world-class leader in peering and interconnection here in Frankfurt. As one of the largest data centre operators in Europe and Asia-Pacific, Global Switch recognises the importance of robust and far reaching connectivity to our customers. The ability to directly connect at scale to the DE-CIX fabric, where they can exchange internet traffic with hundreds of carriers, ISPs and content providers will provide real benefits to our customers who are some of the largest organisations in the world."

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