Custom Connect expands PoP into Equinix’s Frankfurt data centre

Custom Connect expands PoP into Equinix’s Frankfurt data centre

Custom Connect has expanded its Point of Presence (PoP) to the Equinix FR5 Frankfurt, Germany data centre.

The data centre is located the Frankfurt Campus Kleyer. The move leverages the large number of carriers that are present in the data centre for its connectivity business in Eastern-Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Campus Kleyer includes two Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres, FR4 and FR5. It’s one of Europe’s most interconnected hubs and one of the most network-rich Equinix locations worldwide. With more than 400 networks and carriers from over 70 countries, Campus Kleyer provides good access to all five continents and less than 8ms latency to all of Europe.

“We see a strong growth of our business in the Middle-East and Asia after the opening of our offices in Dubai in 2014. FR5 offers the most choice in carriers and networks for our international customers. The number of carriers from the Middle East and Asia is above average. Also, the connectivity with DE-CIX is a differentiator. Therefore, we are happy to use Frankfurt as the bridge between those regions and the West,” said Olav van Doorn, Co-founder and CEO, Custom Connect.

Campus Kleyer offers a wealth of connection and interconnection options. Global direct peering is achieved via DE-CIX - one of the world’s biggest Internet exchange points - with links to more than 550 ISPs in more than 55 countries.

Van Doorn said: “Custom Connect  has a long and successful relationship with Equinix, and this has helped us be the only carrier-neutral connectivity service provider with a global footprint. In addition to our existing customers, we’re looking forward to also servicing local Equinix customers in Frankfurt with our connectivity offerings.”

Donald Badoux, managing director, Equinix Germany said: “At Equinix, we understand the importance of carrier-neutrality for customers, because it provides customers with flexibility, choice, and the right price/performance balance. Our IBX data centres bring customers, Cloud Service Providers and carriers together through dynamic business ecosystems. It’s great to have Custom Connect present at FR5 and further advise companies in regards to their connectivity, as well as design, build, and manage their infrastructure.”

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