Orange plans all-IP transformation in Poland fixed network

Orange plans all-IP transformation in Poland fixed network

Orange has completed a pilot project in Warsaw that should eventually see the whole of the company’s network in Poland being switched to all-IP operation.

The pilot, carried out with Nokia, saw 4,000 subscribers moved from traditional telecoms services to a fully IP operation. Nokia says its network migration operating centre in Poland will continue to move Orange Polska’s customer to all-IP services.

Rafal Dziedzic, Orange Polska’s director of technology and operations strategy, said: “Implementation of the all-IP programme supports Orange Polska’s ambition to retain leadership in the digital economy and ultra-broadband innovations in Poland.”

Poland is one of the Orange group’s leading pilot technology markets in a larger global effort to implement an all-IP transformation programme to replace legacy systems.

“Nokia possesses the necessary global experience and local resources to support Orange Polska as its all-IP partner,” said Dziedzic. “We successfully piloted the PSTN smart transform migration solution with Nokia’s migration operations centre, with the intent to then develop a mass migration programme leveraging this joint experience.”

Federico Guillén, president of Nokia’s fixed networks business group, said that migrating from traditional networks “is a process that can be extremely difficult, complex and expensive without the right expertise.”

Transforming to all-IP services, will help Orange “drive operational savings and create additional revenue opportunities that fuel business growth”, said Guillén.

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