BSO launches Mumbai Connect for HFTs

BSO launches Mumbai Connect for HFTs

Global Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider BSO has launched ‘Mumbai Connect’, an ultra-low latency service, to support the India’s surging high frequency trader (HFT) community.

Over 20 Indian brokerages and proprietary trading firms have migrated to BSO’s network services in the last 24 months. Mumbai Connect offers ultra-fast, flexible connectivity in and out of India to major global markets and addresses the growing demand from HFTs in India.

In July, BSO launched a trio of ultra-low latency trading routes enhancing connectivity between Chicago and key financial hubs in Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai.

“India has the highest proportion of high-frequency and algorithmic transactions in the developing world, and BSO is filling the need for a network provider with the local knowledge and superior infrastructure to help companies maximise their trading opportunities,” says Michael Ourabah, CEO at BSO. High-frequency and algorithmic transactions have grown from single digits to about 40% of total volumes over the past five years, according to Aite Group, a Boston-based consulting firm.

“At BSO we recognise that each emerging market that we serve has unique needs and we have responded by developing a multi-faceted team that can ease the IT challenges and pain points in the diverse Mumbai market. This approach is one of the many ways we are redefining connectivity in the telecoms industry.”

The service is an alternative to regional operators and enables clients in India’s top financial data centre, Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), with ultra-low latency routes through major financial hubs that include: 

• BKC, Mumbai <> Equinix LD4, London – 109ms RTD

• BKC, Mumbai <> DGCX, Dubai – 28.4ms RTD

• BKC, Mumbai <> Aurora DC3 (access CME), Chicago – 176.95ms RTD

• BKC, Mumbai <> SGX, Singapore – 54.6ms RTD

BSO’s network also connects the Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) and the Bombay Metal Exchange (BME) in Mumbai.

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